Philby affair ,first edition, Hugh Trevor-Rope

This is not a book for anyone unfamiliar with the case. It is a scholarly evaluation of the spy scandal of the century from an insider's point of view. Hugh Trevor-Roper, who eventually became the Regius Professor of Modern History at Oxford University, had the avantage of knowing Philby well, both as a colleague in Section V of SIS and as a friend. He therefore has an insight that the journalists who researched and wrote about Philby did not. Among other things, Trevor-Roper acknowledges the excellent work that Philby did for British Intelligence during WWII (when the Soviet Union was an ally). He notes that the problems arose after the war, when Britain and Russia were at loggerheads.The book is outstanding because of its objectivity. But such objectivity is only to be expected from a professional world-class historian.

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Philby Affair

  • auteur: Hugh Trevor-Roper
  • Relié: 126 pages, 22x14cm
  • Editeur: William Kimber 1968 first edition
  • Langue : Anglais
  • ISBN-10: 0718300912
  • ISBN-13: 978-0718300913
  • Etat: very good clean copy some minor damage at upper side of the dust jacket
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  • Hugh Redwald Trevor-Roper, Baron Dacre of Glanton, 1914 2003, was a British historian of Early Modern Britain and Nazi Germany, and a former member of the British Secret Intelligence Service. In November 1945, Trevor-Roper was ordered by Dick White of MI6 to investigate the circumstances of Adolf Hitler's death. Trevor-Roper was also a prominent book reviewer for the Sunday Times. He gained some minor notoriety as one of the first historians to authenticate the Hitler Diaries before they were quickly revealed to be hoaxes. In The Philby Affair, Trevor-Roper declares that the Soviet spy, Kim Philby, was never in a position to undermine efforts to overthrow the Nazi regime and negotiate with the British government. This was not only due to Philby's relatively junior rank, but more importantly to the fact that Churchill, Eden and the War Cabinet had agreed on a policy of 'absolute silence' vis-a-vis the German Opposition thus cancelling out any opportunity Philby may have had to sow dissent. Harold Adrian Russell Kim Philby, 1912 1988, was a high-ranking member of British intelligence who worked as a spy for and later defected to the Soviet Union. A communist, he served as an NKVD and KGB operative. In 1963, Philby was revealed as a member of the spy ring now known as the Cambridge Five. Of the five, Philby is believed to have been most successful in providing classified information to the Soviet Union. His activities were moderated only by Stalin's paranoia that Philby was a triple agent.
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