The Shorter Pepys

Generations of readers have found Pepys' diaries one of the best ways to vicariously experience the tumultuous world of seventeenth century London, the time of Restoration, the Plague, and the Great Fire. The short Pepys recreates this world for readers daunted by the complete multi-volume set of diaries. Containing about one-third of the original, the abridgment is full enough to give us just the essence but the detail of Pepys' daily life.

The complete, 11-volume edition of Samuel Pepys's diaries, of which Latham was co-editor, was a monument of scholarship justly praised. Here for the delectation of the general reader is the most evocative and informative of the English diarists in one compact volume (about one-third of the original). The selections, preceded by a useful introduction, are judiciously representative of Pepys's concern to record both "the state of the nation" and his private affairs. He was not only Charles II's chief naval administrator, but a keen amateur of learning and an indefatigable enthusiast of politics, music, theater, womenlife. He sets down his daily experience with a journalist's eye for detail, something of a novelist's sensitivity and, since he is writing for himself, a delightful frankness. The classic accounts of the Restoration, the Dutch War, the Plague and the Fire are here; but whether Pepys is describing national events, frantically searching at midnight for his buried gold or trying to placate his wife ("my wife . . . did find me imbracing the girl con my hand sub su coats"), he never fails to entertain.

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The Shorter Pepys

  • auteur(s): Pepys
  • Relié: 1154 pages
  • Editeur : Longman Higher Education (19 septembre 1985)
  • Langue : Anglais
  • ISBN-10: 0713525002
  • ISBN-13: 978-0713525007
  • Etat: tres bon very good condition
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