Operation Citadel: The South Vol 1

Operation Citadel: an extensive collection of photographs to provide a visual account of the fighting.
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This is an outstanding book. The authors have developed an excellent account of the southern half of the Kursk battle. That said, potential readers should be aware that this book is not an exhaustive text-based description of the battle. Rather, the main purpose of the book is to use an extensive collection of photographs to provide a visual account of the fighting.

A brief overview of the battle is included to orient readers to the general outline of the battle. Sprinkled through this account are some incredible first person combat narratives. These accounts vary in length from half a page to eight pages. All of them are gripping and amazing to read. One passage, told from to point of view of a tank driver of the 7./SS-Panzer Regiment 1 describes being ordered into the middle of a chaotic smoke-filled battlefield to rescue a wounded officer. In the process of the rescue attempt, the drivers tank is hit numerous times and most of the crew are killed. The diver only barely escapes death/capture himself.

The heart of the book are the photographs and they are excellent and well captioned. The quality of the photographs range from fuzzy to crystal clear. In general most are of very good quality and are crisper than the photographs found in many other world war two books. Those that are poor quality are included because they show unique events, such as a two photo sequence showing German tank fire engaging lend-lease Churchill tanks. There are lots of photographs. It took me six evenings to make it though a first pass of the book - and that was without really studying the photos, just looking at them and reading the captions.

I strongly recommend this book. The photographs are diverse enough to appeal to a causal reader, but dedicated east front and world war two enthusiasts will be overwhelmed with the quality of this work. A combination of this book and Glantz & House's "The Battle of Kursk" would make an excellent gift.

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